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A client accused of assault avoids a conviction

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

May 2015; 

A client of Mr Morin was accused of assault after he pushed the plaintiff following a conflict related to a transaction following a sale made on the Kijiji website. Following negotiations at the Laval courthouse, he entered a recognizance following section 810 of the Criminal Code, which offers an acquittal if certain conditions are followed for a period of 12 months.

Section 810 of the Criminal Code offers an alternative to the usual sentence provided by the Code, in the form of a recognizance (usually, the conditions are not to contact the plaintiff, not to be in his or her presence and keep the peace). This section can only be applied to certain offenses.

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Notice : Not all of Mr Morin's clients are acquitted or obtain a recognizance according to section 810. This section must not be considered as a judicial opinion or a guarantee he can obtain the same result in your case. Court representations depend on the myriad of facts composing each particular case, the existence of a prior record and your personal situation. Make an appointment for an evaluation of your specific case.



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