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Specialization & Court Representations

Your defence is not simply my profession: it is my duty.

Since 2014, I have been working exclusively on criminal/penal cases and their respective extensions, such as asking for a suspension of a criminal record. I also accept representation mandates for a public inquest by the coroner. To verify if your case qualifies, do not hesitate to contact me.

I make it my duty to put every effort while defending your rights. I will do my best to accommodate you and avoid the possible consequences on your professional or family life, while keeping you informed if there is any update in your file.

As for the fees, they will be adapted to your situation, to avoid financial burdening. There will be a set price following our initial discussions, allowing you to plan ahead and elude any bad surprises. Following the initial payment, the fees will be paid at your preferred pace, as long as the complete payment is done by the end of the case (or in other words, the court judge’s final judgment).


The fees for the first appointment are $200.00 plus tax, and I can deduce this amount from the fixed fee for the case as a whole. These fees will be adapted to your situation.

There will be a fixed fee from the onset, on the first appointment (as opposed to hourly fees). These fees will include everything relating to your case (court representations, phone calls, emails, researching and follow-ups), with the exception of the costs not directly linked to my services (such as a medical expert or court fees).

Following an initial advance payment, fees can be paid at your preferred pace, as long as complete payment is made by the completion of the case (or in other words, before the court’s judgement becomes final).

An invoice will be remitted for every payment, so as to clearly indicate whatever tasks were accomplished to justify the fees to be paid


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