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A client accused of assaulting 2 police officers avoids a criminal record

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

September 2015;

A client of Mr Morin was accused of assaulting two police officers while he was intoxicated by alcohol. On that evening, he tried to urinate on the police car, he pushed both agents and he pulled the hair of one of them. He had to be pepper sprayed since he was resisting his arrest.

Following negotiations with the Crown prosecutor at the Longueuil courthouse, it was agreed that the client would benefit from a conditional discharge, considering his case was one of exception; a criminal record would result not only in the loss of his job, but in the loss of other employment opportunities in his field of work. This result was made possible by solid preparation and the creation of a highly documented file to show the facts specific to the client's situation.

A conditional discharge allows an accused who has been declared guilty to avoid a criminal record if certain criteria are met. "Conditional" means a probation period will be imposed, during which the accused will normally have to complete community work and make a donation to charity.

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Notice : Not all of Mr Morin's clients avoid a criminal record. This section must not be considered as a judicial opinion or a guarantee he can obtain the same result in your case. Court representations depend on the myriad of facts composing each particular case, the existence of a prior record and your personal situation. Make an appointment for an evaluation of your specific case.

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