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A client accused of copying customers' credit card data more than 8 times avoids jail time

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

July 2017;

One of Mr Morin's clients avoided going to jail after being declared guilty of multiple counts of fraudulent possession of credit card data, illegal possession of instruments copying credit card data and possession of fake license plates. He initially faced 12 separate charges. The police inquiry showed that more than eigth times, he presented himself at gas stations to install a device that could copy the credit card data of customers paying directly at the pump. Fortunately, the devices were found and the customers' cards were cancelled before any clear loss occurred (although some unconclusive evidence seemed to value the losses at $30.000). Police officers were able to indentify his license plate by examining the security tapes of the station and they found other copying devices in his home. 

The accused pleaded guilty without delay and showed remorse, although the presentencing report was rather negative. He had no prior record and he explained he committed the offense to pay back his debts to insistent lenders. Following negociations with the prosecutor, Mr Morin managed to present a commun suggestion of 240 hours of community work to the Court, to be completed in 18 months and as part of a suspended sentence, thus avoiding any jail time, even considering the importance of the fraud.

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