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A client accused of theft avoids a criminal record

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

March 2016;

One of Mr Morin's clients was accused of stealing items worth more than $100. She admitted her guilt upon her arrest and subsequently completed the EVE program offered by the Municipal court of Montréal. Considering the fact she also consulted a psychologist and made a donation to charity, the prosecutor and Mr Morin came to an agreement for an absolute discharge, i.e. an absence of criminal record, as it might have had dire consequences on her job.

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Notice : 

Not all of Mr Morin's clients receive a discharge. This section must not be considered as a judicial opinion or a guarantee he can obtain the same result in your case. Court representations depend on the myriad of facts composing each particular case, the existence of a prior record and your personal situation. Make an appointment for an evaluation of your specific case.

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