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Following a trial, a client is acquitted on a count of assault with a weapon and avoids a criminal record on another

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

April 2016;

A client of Mr Morin was accused of assault with a weapon and assault on the same plaintiff in Laval. Following a heated dispute in a parking lot, the plaintiff pretended she was hit three times: once with a door of the shopping mall, once with the rear-view mirror of the accused's moving car and once by being pushed to the floor. Following the interrogation, cross-examination and pleadings of the lawyers, Mr Morin's client was only found guilty on the basis that he pushed the plaintiff, thus being acquitted of the count of assault with a weapon.

Following representations and a debate on the sentence, the Court followed Mr Morin's argument that his client should benefit from a conditional discharge, considering that his case was one of exception, since a criminal record would result in the loss of important job opportunities in the United States. This outcome results from solid preparation and the creation of a well documented file to emphasize the facts specific to the client's situation. 

A conditional discharge allows an accused who has been declared guilty to avoid a criminal record if certain criteria are met. "Conditional" means that a probation period will be imposed, during which the accused will normally have to carry out community work and make a donation to charity. Your personal situation may have an important impact on the outcome of your case. By consulting a lawyer, you can expect that your rights will be duly protected and the best possible defense will be presented in court. 

Notice : Not all of Mr Morin's clients avoid a criminal record or are acquitted. This section must not be considered as a judicial opinion or a guarantee that he can obtain the same result in your case. Court representations depend on the myriad of facts composing each particular case, the existence of a prior record and your personal situation. Make an appointment for an evaluation of your specific case.

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