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Me Morin now accepts appeal cases

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Me Morin now accepts appeal cases related to criminal law. 

On Febraury 12, 2021, Me Morin's appeal was granted and a new trial was ordered in a case where a man was declared guilty of sexually assaulting his partner's young daughter.

An appeal is the challenge of a judgment in front of a court placed higher in the judicial hierarchy. It is not a new trial with witnesses testifying once more, but an examination of the judge's decision in order to detemine whether he commited mistakes in his application of the law or his assessment of the facts.

The main duties of an appeal counsel is the examination of the initial judgment, research related to precedents, completing written procedures (such as the 30 page factum) and finally, pleading in front of the Court of Appeals. Each case requires hours of hard work and great attention to detail.

If you wish to appeal a decision, the first step is making an appointment with a lawyer to evaluate the odds of success and the grounds of appeal.


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